Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Birthday Cake Surprise!

Happy Birthday AMERICA!
Looks can be deceiving!
My Genius mom made the BEST B-day cake ever! I was going to log in as her to do this post in her name - but then I would sound boastful and conceited instead of proud and impressed!  She saw it on Studio 5 and instead of thinking "man those girls are crazy!" she thought "Hey! I think I can make that!" Now who's the crazy one?  The original cake was created by Elissa @ 17andbaking.com 
They both used 9" baking pans and now I see the wisdom in that but we wanted to feed a crowd so we went with an 11".  It made stacking the thin layers tricky and it sort of broke apart as we served it.  I think a smaller pan would have remedied both problems - but otherwise we really had a glitch free success!  

To the instructions already! 
3 separate bakings, 3 separate cakes! 
one red velvet, 
one white {dyed blue} 
and one more white (no egg yolks to keep it pure white!)    
The original also dyed the red layer from a white cake mix - we got the idea to use a red velvet mix from make it & love it

Slice the red and white layers horizontally into 2 pieces
White layer down first - FROST
Red layer down - FROST
Set aside
Layer without frosting the remaining red layer, white layer and uncut blue layer 
Center a cylindrical object on top - we used a cereal bowl, and cut straight down through all 3 layers!

Place the blue ring on top of your frosted layers
frost the inside of your blue ring and then place in your red and white circles
Frost to finish!
we kept it simple to up the 'WOW' factor!
Cut dramatically, make sure all eyes are on you!
If my instructions were confusing check out this studio 5 video:
Happy Birthday AMERICA

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Suzanna said...

That is SO COOL!! I might have to try that next year. Or for some other American holiday. :)


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