Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chili Sauce

Per tradition we always do peaches.  They are a family favorite, we have an ample supply because of Grandma's fruit trees and they are the most YUMMY.  But also every year we try and do a tomato based sum'in sum'in.  Stewed tomatoes, Spaghetti sauce, Salsa... 
This year is was Chili Sauce.

We got the recipe by one of Dad's old buddies Greg Amidan
Chili Sauce

6  Lg Onions
4  green Bell Peppers
2  red Bell Peppers
20  large Tomatoes
1/4 cup McCormick Pickling Spice ground finely in blender
1  cup Cider Vinegar
1  cup sugar
2 Tbsp  Salt
1  tsp white pepper

Scald and peel tomatoes and pulse in food processor 5-6 pulses
Peel and quarter onions and pulse in food processor about 10 pulses.

Quarter and seed peppers and pulse in food processor about 10 pulses.
Place all veggies and pickling spices in a large stainless steel stock pot bring to a boil  stirring every 10 minutes.
Boil exactly one hour continue stirring every 10 minutes.

Add vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper stir well and boil for another hour or until thickened.
Put into hot sterile jars, wipe rim with clean wet cloth, and add sterile flats and put rings on as tightly as you can.

Process in cold pack canner for 45 min for quarts 35 min for pints.  

Enjoy on cream cheese with crackers, or with tortilla chips or use as an ingredient in sweet chili or over a crock pot roast.  ENJOY.
We didn't double the recipe but we did do 4 batches of it at one time - yeah baby!
We ended up with something like 7 quarts, 25 pints and about 6 half pints.
all things averaged out I would guess each batch does about 10 pint jars...

Pickled Peppers

Set out sterile jars, flats and rings.

Fill canner with a several inches of water and start warming.

In a sauce pan warm up a ratio of 2 cups of water, 1 cup of vinegar, 1 Tbsp salt' and 1/2 tsp of dill weed. bring to a boil.

Wash peppers (I used an assortment of hot peppers.) shoot no picture of the sack of before.


Slice peppers and put into jars.

Pour in pickled water. top with flat, ring and tighten.

Put in canner and cover with enough water to come over lid about an inch.

Process 25 min for half pints, 35 min for pints 45 min for quarts.

Enjoy on sloppy joes, chili, sandwiches, nachos, anything that needs a slight kick.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Canned Peaches

This year, we've had fun picking and canning 12 jars of tomatoes, 12 jars of grape juice and 49 jars of peaches. Apples from my old house are next, and hopefully some peach jam and chili sauce.
Mom's going to write step by step instructions I can put on here so we'll always have it, RIGHT MOM?

1. Pick the peaches at Grandpa Porter's house
2. Blanch the peaches in boiling water and peel the skins off
3. Sneak a few bites--warm fresh peaches are YUMMY
4. Fill the jars to the top with sliced peaches, then fill with sugar water (mom, how much sugar to water and fruit fresh)?? She responded fast...
light syrup is 1 cup of sugar to 8 cups of water and a couple tablespoons of fruit fresh. bring to a boil to dissolve sugar.  This is approximately how much you need for 7 quarts of peaches. so we double, triple, or quadruple according to our needs.
5. Wipe the tops of jars clean and put a sterilized new lid on top. Soak the lids in boiling water for a minute or two. Put the ring on as tight as you can.
6. Boil the jars completely covered in water in a canner for 30 minutes
7. Take the jars out straight up out of the water (do not tip like my mom is doing here :) LOL and place on a towel until the POP!!
Ah, don't they look great!! Enjoy all winter long
Tomatoes    cover with boiling water to slip the skins.  shove into jars up to the neck. add a tsp of salt and a tsp of vinegar. wipe of jar, add sterile lid and tighten the ring. bring to boil in canner. boil for 45 to 50 minutes. tada

Grape juice.   fill juicer with cleaned grapes. no need to stem. Steam for an hour.  pour out into sterilized jars and top with sterile lid and tighten the ting. listen for the fun pinging sound. tada.
to serve. pour into pitcher and add a bottle of 7up type soda. regular or sugar free. enjoy.


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