Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Craving Green Onions?

I know! What is my deal, I CRAVE those grilled green onions that Mexican restaurants garnish with - I have ever since I was pregnant with baby #1 (as in going on 3 years now...)  
So about a month ago I "invented" a grilled green onion that was pretty good!  I debuted it at our chinese party! I may have been the only one that ate them - but I put them AWAY!  
I have since tried them a couple of other times and they are getting better *squeal*
They are easy-peasy!  I just lightly toss them in some olive oil so that some seasoning will stick.  I have sprinkled them with Adobo, seasoned salt, Mrs. Dash - all work great - just add a little sumthin sumthin to enhance the flavors.  I throw them all out on my stove top grill and when they have some nice grill marks I turn them and grill the other side - really technical I know, might be too hard for you to try...  

Since hubby is gone a lot for dinner sometimes I eat just a plate of these bad boys and some rice - yummo! my defense I just gotta say I am not a photographer!
It is on my list of things to teach myself - but hey, I try! 
...also blogger redid how they upload and format photos and I am still getting used to it...

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